The following are some lesser used stance that may be used during special circumstances:

  • Crossed Leg Crouch Stance. Used to avoid an attack. Step lead foot backward, inward of rear foot, just behind rear foot, onto ball of foot, in sort of a reverse cat stance, so the legs are crossed, and then crouch to move body backward and underneath an attack.
  • Diagonal Stance. Similar to the riding stance except one foot is moved forward until the back of its heel is in line with the front of the toes of the other foot. The weight is centered between the two feet and the knees are tensed inward.
  • X-Stance. From a parallel stance (see ready stance), cross one foot in front of and over the supporting foot and rest the ball of the foot on the floor on the other side of the supporting foot, and bend knees. Legs will form a "X" shape. Serves as a preparatory stance when moving from one stance to another, and for leading into execution of a kick with supporting foot.
  • Cross Lunge Stance
  • Crouched Stance
  • Side Stance
  • Sumo Stance
  • Vertical Stance
  • Natural Stance
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