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How useful is

    • It helps educate those interested in pursuing a martial art.
    • It helps keep martial art students from being ripped-off by unscrupulous "masters."
    • It helps those already training in the martial arts to better their martial art skills.
    • It stimulates thought about various subjects related to the martial arts.
    • Some instructors use its information in their school student booklets and guides.
    • At tournaments, students must get there early to register, but then they may wait for hours before their divisions are called to compete. Some instructors use its information to create guides to use in discussion groups to keep younger students busy while they are waiting.
    • Some use its information to help them explain the martial arts to the uninformed.
    • Some use its information in forums to backup a point they are trying make.
    • Its information gives some something to disagree with, complain about, and rail against.
    • Whether you agree with everything in it or not, there is something useful in for everyone.
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