Some like to carry a knife for self-defense. As with any other weapon, to be useful in a self-defense situation, the knife must be with you, readily available, and be useable under the circumstances. You must have the knife with you and readily available when you are at work, at church, at a birthday party, etc. You must be able to draw the knife while wearing a heavy coat or gloves, and you must be able to hold the knife with wet or cold hands.

In a fight, no matter your skill level or the skill level of your opponent, if the opponent has a knife, you will get cut! So be prepared to get cut and not to let a cut interfere with your resolve to win the fight.

It has been said, “proximity negates skill.” Even a skilled person may be killed in close combat by accident. Most self-defense situations are at close range; an attacker is not going to stand back and duel with you. Therefore, if you want to rely on a knife for self-defense, you had better know how to use it at close range.

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