People begin training in the martial arts for various reasons, such as fitness, weight loss, and to build character and self-esteem, but many people begin training to learn to protect themselves from attackers. This topic deals with this fear of attack that causes people to be concerned about self-defense. Is this fear justified?
Humans have a tendency to fear threats that rarely occur, such a shark attack or even a mugger attack while they ignore threats that have a much greater chance of causing them harm, such as having unsafe sex and eating unhealthy foods. Therefore, people fear being mugged or raped, but they do not fear eating a greasy cheeseburger and fries. Some examples of risks are:

Cause of Death Lifetime Odds
Heart Disease 1-in-5
Cancer 1-in-7
Stroke 1-in-23
Accidental Injury 1-in-36
Intentional Self-harm (suicide)  1-in-121
Falling Down  1-in-246
Assault by Firearm  1-in-325
Fire or Smoke   1-in-1,116
Natural Forces (heat, cold, storms, quakes, etc.) 1-in-3,357
Electrocution 1-in-5,000
Drowning 1-in-8,942
Air Travel Accident 1-in-20,000
Flood (included also in Natural Forces above) 1-in-30,000
Legal Execution  1-in-58,618
Tornado (included also in Natural Forces above)  1-in-60,000
Lightning Strike (included also in Natural Forces above) 1-in-83,930
Snake, Bee or other Venomous Bite or Sting 1-in-100,000
Earthquake (included also in Natural Forces above) 1-in-131,890
Dog Attack  1-in-147,717
Asteroid Impact 1-in-200,000
Tsunami 1-in-500,000
Fireworks Discharge 1-in-615,488
Shark Attack  1-in-3,943,110
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