Tasks related to TaskMaster operation.


Tasks related to setting system parameters.Tasks that are only accessible by the owner or persons with system passwords.

  • Tabs and tasks. Allow owner to select which of certain tabs will appear on control panel and which of certain tasks to use.
    • Classes tab
      • Select whether to show the classes tab.
      • If classes tab is shown, select whether to use weekly scheduling.
    • Personnel tab
      • Select whether to show the personnel tab.
      • If personnel tab is shown, select whether to use:
        • Owner tab.
        • Staff tab.
        • Instructor tab.
        • Volunteer tab.
    • Testing tab
      • Select whether to show the testing tab.
      • If testing tab is shown, select whether to use STAR awards.
    • Business tab
      • Select whether to show the business tab.
      • If business tab is shown, select whether to use:
        • Prospects tab.
        • Tuition tab.
        • Sales tab.
        • Inventory tab.
    • Photograph
      • Select whether to use student photographs.
      • If student photographs are used, select whether to use yearbook task.
    • Instructor tracking
      • Select whether to use tracking of instructor teaching hours.
  • System sounds
    • Select whether to play system sounds.
    • If sound playing is selected, select whether to play:
      • Startup sound.
      • Click sound.
      • Move an object sound.
  • Birthday songs
    • Select whether to play birthday song when student’s ID card is scanned on his or her birthday.
    • If birthday song playing is selected, select whether to play:
      • System happy birthday song.
      • Select a birthday song of owner choice.

School Criteria

  • School information
    • Edit school criteria, such as name, address, telephone, website, etc. (School name that appears on reports is set by the UserKey and may only be changed by TKDTutorage).
  • Courses
    • Edit courses, rank structures, breaking requirements, and instructor certifications. These are the parameters that set up the courses used and how they are used.
  • Testing
    • Edit school testing dates. These dates are critical since they determine the length of the training cycles between the tests.
    • Edit plastic board requirements. Set up the hierarchy of plastic board colors used in breaking.
  • Logos
    • Select which logo set to use. These are the logos that appear on forms and reports.
      • Use TaskMaster logos.
      • Use Taekwondo America logos.
      • Select other logos to use.
  • Events
    • Edit the attendance credits that will be awarded for attendance at a each type of event.

User Access

  • Edit owner password.
  • Edit users, their passwords, and their level of access.
  • View log of users who have logged in and out.


  • View/clear intrusion log.


  • Open debugger that will assist in fixing problems.
  • Analyze relationships between, membership, release, contract, and student numbers and edit as necessary.
  • Force TaskMaster to re-link with the UserData file.

Backup and Restore

  • Make immediate backup of UserData file.
  • Restore UserData file from a backup.
  • Edit auto backup criteria.


  • Install a Windows image resizer that makes it easy to resize any image using a right click.


  • View setup of managed courses.
  • View rank requirements of managed courses.
  • View board requirements of managed courses.
  • View TKDTutorage things to do list.
  • View history of the different versions of TaskMaster.
  • View location of UserFiles.
  • View the latest updates that were made to current TaskMaster application.


  • View screen resolution of your monitor.
  • View About screen.

Microsoft Access

  • View version of Access currently running on this computer.
  • View Access references being used by TaskMaster.


  • View license level information.
  • View license agreement.
  • View evaluation warning (if this is an evaluation license).
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