There are three categories of martial art schools:

  • Non-profit. These are operated in homes or in schools, colleges, churches, community centers, etc. where there are no overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, etc. The classes may be offered for free or for a nominal cost.
  • Part-time for-profit. These may be held in the same places as listed under non-profit, or they may be operated as commercial business. The school owners charge enough to pay the school operating costs, and maybe enough to draw some profit.
  • Full-time for-profit. These school owners operate their businesses full-time; therefore, they must charge enough to cover all business expenses with enough profit to furnish them with reasonable salaries to support themselves and their families.

How much a school charges for its services depends upon what services they offer, the quality of those services, and how much the public is willing to pay for those services in the area in which the school is located. If the school you attend is a full-time for profit school, $80 per month tuition and $60 for tests is not unreasonable. Schools that offer such things as saunas, weight rooms, lounges, etc. may charge much more; schools that are operated more as a hobby may charge less.

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