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 In the Study of Taekwondo 

TKD(TaeKwonDo)Tutor assists in learning taekwondo and other martial arts, and provides information to help students avoid fraudulent theories, organizations, schools, and instructors. It contains over 1100 articles that cover all aspects of taekwondo and the martial arts logically, clearly, concisely, and impartially. With knowledge comes power!

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Information covered

Topics: martial arts, taekwondo, history, training, philosophy, research, fraud, styles, concepts, terminology, organizations, schools, dojangs, flags, owners, leadership, instructors, students, documents, procedures, learning, curriculum, power, competition, strategy, tactics, testing, training, uniforms, belts, combat, self-defense, criminal behavior, and more.

Techniques: stances, blocks, kicks, punches, sparring, forms, patterns, hyungs, tuls, chokes, throws, falls, movements, breathing, sweeps, locks, releases, pins, holds, thrusts, strikes, breaking, grappling, gripping, sparring, fighting, weapons, and more.

Martial arts: taekwon-do, tae kwon do, TKD, karate, judo, kung-fu, mma, shotokan, boxing, aikido, jujitsu, wrestling, and more.




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